Keybinding still messed up + Workaround for strafe move

  • I don’t know what the patch is supposed to do but the Keybinding ist still screwed up.
    I deleted the Folder in My Games so everything is set back to default.
    I set up my binds, so far so good.
    As soon as I am in a game, the binds are messed up, e.g. my arrow keys don’t strafe move as expected but turn.
    Setting them again makes it even worse.
    Actually I am really upset now because this can’t be so difficult to fix.

    By the way, resetting results in this:

    When I try to delete the keybind of the false string which is “turn” I guess, it will not be saved.
    This leads to my left and right arrow keys to always be “turn”. This renders the game completely unusable for me right now.

    Edit: Workaround:
    For the broken turn strings I can set “a” and “d” which will be saved. Now I can use my arrow keys for strafe moving.

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