Clan Ladder / Matchmaking System

  • As briefly as possible:

    Option A

    • New tab in lobby to form a party of 5 clan members for 5v5

    • Clan leader would be able to set the region they’re competing in so you only face teams in North America, Oceania etc.

    • Party leader will hit the “Find Match” button, once your party is formed to start searching for an opponent in your region (both teams are automatically put on to the same server) and the rounds starts as usual.

    • The winner of the match will gain points, and the loser will lose points, the amount gained/lost would be determined by your rank, e.g if the rank #1 guild was facing a rank #300 guild and won they’d only get a small amount of points where if the rank #300 team managed to win it would be much more rewarding for them. (Similar to Guild Wars 1 ladder system).

    There would be a separate ladder for each region. Maybe one day if the game ever becomes an esport the top clans from each region could meet up to face eachother in a world championship.

    -For this to work there would need to be the ability to establish a roster for a clan in-game to avoid people adding random people to their party.

    • We’d need the ISP’s / anyone currently hosting servers for their region to flag a server as a tournament server in addition to pub servers, so the players competing can do so without interruptions.

    I’m thinking a ladder system would bring more clans to the game to compete to be the best in their region. Perhaps the ladder / matchmaking system could work for 1v1 duels too, if they ever introduce proper dueling servers, where individual players are ranked also.

    Edit: I forgot to add that the ladder would be displayed online for everyone to see like this:

  • Option B:

    If all the automation stuff etc is too hard then a simplified option could be a ladder system where clans can create a roster and challenge other clans in game.

    A tab on the menu will show a list of clans participating, with online/offline status, their clan rank, and region (which can be filtered).

    From the list of clans on the menu, a challenge can be submitted to both clans offline/online with a time / date / server to play on.

    The recipient of the challenge will have an accept challenge/decline/reschedule button. Declining a match without a valid reason will result in some kind of penalty. All this will have to be worked out but I’d imagine if a team that’s much lower in rank than the challenger declines their penalty will be very minor / almost unnoticeable, but if they were to accept the challenge and win their reward would be much greater than if they were to challenge someone around their own ranking or lower than themselves.

    Clans that have created a roster will show up in the list of participating clans on a menu with clan name / rank / status (online or offline) and a challenge could be issued from there to either online or offline with a time/date/server. From there the ladder system can track wins/loss/rating etc.

    Basically I just really want to see more support for competitive teams to vs each other, something official. Any official ladder :)

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