Make it possible to follow team members while dead

  • When you die, you can free float around but sometimes you’re no where near the action or you might want to watch someone else fight.

    What about an option while waiting to respawn to follow around team members in 3rd person. Just press a button while dead (space, click, whatever) that can cycle you through 3rd person views of each of your living teammates.

  • I like this idea, also useful to help newer players get an idea of timing etc if they can see how the pros are doing it ^_^

  • You actually can now, with the new patch.

    If you want to free foam viewing all the action, do nothing. Just move around.

    If you want to focus on an individual person, then just left click on your mouse. However, there are no names (unless they are on your friend’s list), so you still won’t know who they are.

  • The follow cam while dead was added by mistake and isn’t finished yet :P

  • That explains the floating weapon next to the guy you’re following.

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