The 3rd party agents who sell this game are worthless.

  • I have spent the last hour attempting to use steam, gamestop, gamersgate, and the “torn banner” website to purchase this game to no avail.

    I was pretty excited about playing this game, but to be honest, it puts a taste of dog shit in my mouth that you people use 3rd party agents who hold their dicks in their hands and cannot offer a service for money.

    This is complete and total nonsense.

    I hope the individuals who were able to successfully purchase this game enjoy it, because I know I’ll never attempt to buy this again.

    I hope the company realizes how much money was lost by using shitty companies to sell their game.

    Kudos ass clowns, I hope you all get testicular cancer.

  • lolz

  • I’m sorry you weren’t able to successfully buy the game off of the aforementioned sites.

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