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  • Hi everyone, me & a couple mates just recently started our own YouTube gaming channel and we’re determined to make it a success and to you guys all our crazy adventures. I’ve worked hard on making our videos sound, and look good quality. I use large diaphragm condenser microphones w/ pop shields and upload videos in 720p, which has been recorded at high fps too. So you wont be disappointed by awful quality or anything like that

    I want to start a new gaming channel that looks as polished and professional as i can get, and everything is being worked on constantly, such as new graphics, artwork, backgrounds and more.

    Basically, I’m just asking for the support of the community as our first few set of videos have been of Chivalry and thought you might be interested in taking a look. (You might even catch a glimpse of yourself in a video if your a regular player). :D

    You can find us on YouTube under the name “TheeLazyPros”.
    Or at this link here:

    We’d all appreciate it massively if you checked it out and told me what you think of it so far
    Any likes, favourites and subscribers are a HUGE help too. Thanks!

    We already have a bank of videos to upload in the future including:

    • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    • Minecraft Survival Games
    • Tekkit
    • League Of Legends
    • Garrys Mod/ Zombie Survival

  • More Chivalry videos out this weekend guys! :D

  • Looking forward to it.

  • Hi there,

    Post your link and any info in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7010

    As this one will eventually be removed.


  • Sorry! Didn’t realize the link needed to be elsewhere! I shall move it now for you

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