Interested in hosting a Chivalry cup, need suggestions

  • I’m new to competitive Chivalry but have played enough to understand its potential, however, I haven’t played enough to acknowledge the preferred rule sets that the competitive community most enjoys.

    I am willing to trial a cup fixture in a tournament format, games will be quick and likely played all in the same night.

    If successful I am likely to compliment the community by making this a regular event.

    I’ll keep this post regularly updated as I get closed to finalising my decision.

  • Personally, you should aim to run the cup single elimination over the course of 2-3 weeks if you want to keep it simple.

    The competitive scene is still very new and the game still feels it needs to be touched up a little before any kind of serious competition can be built.

    Anyway I believe Wolfpack are interested, if you decide to go ahead with this :)

  • @CSui:

    Third-party leagues tend to scatter a community due to separate rule sets and other annoying differences. It can work out if it is run alongside an official league that the developers take an interest to, however, what is the point in a host of separate leagues unless they offer a pay-out?

    Pumping money into the e-sports side would be amazing, but I don’t believe the game is ready for such an endeavor in its current state - and money is useless in competitive play without hype.

    Separate leagues are leagues that act outside the official league. A saturation of leagues leaves a community scattered due to different rule-sets and limited time of teams competing - not everyone has time to sign up to several leagues and keep track. If an official league gets going then what is the need for an outsourced league?

    Nice that you changed your mind, so what can we win?

  • Oh, now after two topics in which you told everyone that palying this game in a competitive way is bullshit, you want to start a cup?
    Well ill participate if you got anything we can win

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