KILL THEM ALL: League team profile: Knights ofthe RoundTable

  • Team Name: Knights of the Round Table

    Your Name/ Rank:
    -KoTrT- Sir Safir

    When was your team formed?
    4 years ago

    How did your team begin?
    About 10 of us played a game called pvk (pirates vikings knights 2) and we quickly became friends. When this game became boring we all swapped to this newer mod of Age of Chivalry and enjoyed it. We then met a lot more interesting and fun people, and decided to make a clan out of it.

    How long has your team been playing Age of Chivalry?
    4 years

    Does your team have it’s own server?

    Website? (currently under construction)

    How many members do you have?
    40 members and counting

    What is the age range of your team members?

    Who are the leaders of your team?
    King Arthur, Sir Angwish

    Do you have any team ranks?
    Chain of Command

    Do you have captains/officers?

    Does your team stand for anything?
    Chicks Dig Elo

    How would you best describe your team?
    Bad Ass

    What do you think about the Age of Chivalry league?
    Its a great way to have competitive play .

    Is there anything your team is looking forward to the most this season?
    Playing competitive again.

    What is your teams best map?

    What would you say is your teams biggest strength?
    Individual player strengths.

    Which team do you think is your biggest competition and why?
    Ourselves, since we all know our own playstyles and how to counter it.

    Are you recruiting?
    Recruitment is invite only at the moment.

    What kind of players does your team look for?
    Casual and competitive players that are fun to play with.

    Does your team plan to play competitively in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?

    What are you looking forward to the most in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?
    An updated version of Age of Chivalry.

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