Best weapon for the MAA

  • What do you think to be the best weapon for the MAA? Also say why you think it’s the best

  • A submachine gun, 'cause pewpew and it goes great with his dodging

  • Thrusting Dagger i luv being assasin

  • Throwing knives. Especially when people underestimate it (because unable to dodge while holding them) and charge right at me, only to have their attacks interrupted by knife hits.

  • Broadsword is the best all around for me. Long range and it got good speed. Will kill a knight in 3-4 hits and everything else in 2-3 hits.

    Throwing knives are always fun, I always go with them. As Nerfed said people underestimate them greatly and they’re a great way to take out reloading crossbowmen.

    Dane Axe is a phenomenal weapon too, strong and long range, although the hatchet will do crazy crazy damage if you dodge in and overhead spam with it.

    Not too fond of the blunts, but if I have to pick a primary it’s the flanged mace, short but fast and deadly.
    I almost always run with the cudgel as a secondary mostly for the laughs.

  • The maces, I find, are able to work around shields more successfully. Any weapon that allows you to take advantage of pummeling your opponent is great. I love the axes :)

  • My personal favorite is the flachion, it’s damage is pretty dangerous mixed up with decent speed. I go for 2 side swings and a overhead to take out pretty much anything with 3 hits.

  • Broadsword for the widest variety of combat tactics, Hatchet for killing knights (ironically).

  • Personal favorite is the falchion, it has a good strength and is fast.

  • Ooooooh goodness, that’s a toughy. There’s a lot of great options for MAA.

    If I’m going up against a heavy amount of vanguards, or if I’m in a FFA, I will usually grab the war axe for the double overhead bodyshot kills on them. Along with the 3 hits for a knight kill. The dane axe is an excellent alternative though, for the tiny bit of extra range, you sacrifice the 2 hit kill, but you can finish the vanguard off with a kick :P.

    Against well-balanced (class wise) teams, I’d grab the falchion. It’s an excellent balance, and once again allows for a kick finish on vanguards after 2 overheads to the body. 3 overheads or slashes will take out a knight.

    A lot of people will tell you to grab a morning star for a knight-heavy team, but the falchion is nearly as effective, with the added benefit of letting you slash MAA’s for two hits. (the morning star takes 3 slashes.)

    If I feel like being fancy or trolling, I’ll grab the norse sword or hatchet for their annoying speedy combos.

    Overall, I’d say the war axe is probably my favorite though at the moment. With a very close dane axe in second place. The guaranteed 2 hit kill (unless you hit them in the leg) with the overhead is just too much to pass up for the mass amount of vanguards the game currently has. When more people understand the power of the MAA, we’ll probably see a lot more norse sword and falchion users.

  • MaA’s weapons are probably the best balanced at the moment. The ones that are above or below average are only slightly so. War Axe I think could use a little more damage and Holy Water definitely a little more speed, while the Dane Axe I think hits a little too hard for its reach.

    Still it’s hard to call an absolute best. I find the Dane Axe better against other MaA because the range factors in far more when you’re fighting someone else with a low reach weapon, but against a VG you’re usually better off with something extremely facehuggy like the hatchet or falchion, and against Knights, the flanged mace is actually one of the most efficient knight killers in the game; the slash->overhead combo is exceptionally fast and leaves them low enough to kill with an unblockable kick if you’re a good headhunter.

    Mace will always be my personal favorite because I played Sergeant almost exclusively in AoC.

  • Mace poke FTW

  • Hatchet or Dane Axe.

    I mean, seriously, when you are going up against a knight, you might as well have been wearing a lightsaber and not noticed a different. The ease at which you kill them with is just redicilous! :D

    And it kills everything else pretty easily too, and is hard to parry when facehugging.

    When I play as knight, and see a MAA coming towards me with an axe, my usual reaction is:
    “Pff, you might as well have brought an automatic shotgun!”

    When I want to kill someone special, I pick a MAA, best duelist and hunter class there is and there is no defense.
    Their only weakness is a sharp eyed archer.(or their own teammates if they don’t watch their swings)

  • Flanged Mace is aaaaaw yeah. LMB spam ppl down so fast, 3-shot knights with torso hits, 2-shot vanguards if one is a headshot.

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