Votekick Abuse: I got kicked as soon as I joined!

  • So I just got kicked from a server called Anything and Everything by a couple of punks by the names of scudmarx and smellyhippy1. They were the only two on the server and they kicked me the second I got there. The vote kick system needs some fixes, but I’m not exactly sure what could be done. Hopefully someone wiser than I am can come up with some ways to stop the votekick abuse.

  • Well it seems they didnt want to be bothered while they practiced or something similar I guess.The vote kick mechanism definitely needs to be modified, as it is groups of childish punks can agree to vote whichever player they please just for the fun of it.Ive seen players who have not anything but play respectfully been kicked by these groups of kids just because they wanted to, and by the way they were harassing the guy with strong insults the whole match.Then I have been team killed with no enemies around by a stupid punk, I open a vote kick and somehow the majority voted no.Continous team killing, harassment, racist,homophobic,xenophobic comments should grant a kick and a ban from that server.In Battlefield for example most of the servers I had played in had strict rules about these stuff so the majority of the time , the players behaved like they should.One last thing, there is a tendency for “good players” to be rude and by good I refer to the ones that are at the top of the scoreboard, it seems they feel superior to the rest just because they got 3 more kills and 2 deaths less.

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