Concept for New Game-type

  • This game type is similar to the regular team elimination mode only with a twist:

    Starting Point

    • Both teams start at either end of the map, in their respective “bases”

    Team Flags

    • Both teams have a flag, which spawns at their starting locations and can be carried / dropped by any member of the team. When someone dies holding the flag it is dropped to the ground and can be returned (by clicking on it) by the enemy team or picked up by a team member.

    Centre Flag Stand

    • There is a flag-stand in the middle of the map (main objective), placing your flag on the flag stand will resurrect all dead team mates. Also when the centre is captured, the flag which was on the stand is returned to the base it belongs to. Holding the flag stand will enable your team to respawn every two minutes.

    The team which does not have the flag-stand will not have the ability to respawn. Until they manage to capture the flag stand.

    Game type objective
    The objective is to capture the middle flag stand (so your team is resurrected and continues to spawn) and wipe out your enemy team / prevent them from capturing the stand by killing their flag-carrier and returning their flag to their base.

    The game ends when one team has been eliminated. This will usually occur when one side has successfully prevented flag captures and wiped the enemy team out in the process.

    Final Stand (or whatever you want to call it)
    What if both teams are too good at capturing the centre and the game is lasting too long? In this instance, after a certain amount of time (maybe 30 mins? To be decided) the round enters, “final stand” mode, both flags and flag stand will be taken away and the round will become a regular team elimination round. Game ends when one team has been wiped out entirely.

    Not sure if we can re-use any existing maps but an ideal map in my opinion would be one with alternate routes to reach the flag stand so people can make a strategic decision as to which route would be the best to way to run the flag at any given time.

    I can see this going back-and forth quite a bit with good teams working together to capture the middle, keeping their team-members alive, and wiping out the enemy. I thought this would be a cool game-mode, let me know what you think.

  • look unbalanced when only team get the flag have their respawn

  • Not sure if you read the entire post, capturing the flag will RESURRECT your entire team the instant you cap, hence the huge incentive for working as a team and make capturing the stand your #1 priority as well as killing off the enemy. You could even be sneaky and solo cap the flag if you’re the last man standing. Just because one team holds the flag doesn’t make them better either, sure they will be respawning but only EVERY TWO MINUTES which is ample amount of time for a good team to turn the tide even if they are a few men down.

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