You will be moved to the other team

  • Perhaps this is server specific, but if not, please do not have the game switch me to the other team without me dying first. Nothing will make me quit a server and want to stop playing for the day faster than being team switched while still alive and backing up my guys.

  • FYI if you see the message “You will be moved to the other team” and then turn and kill one of your teammates before being switched, the kill will still count (for your new team)

    I was an archer one time and was drawing a bead on an enemy when I got the “You will be moved to the other team” message so I turned to my teammate next to me and killed him instead. Pure class :D

  • I wanted to write about. MaA hands down the best class in any game ever made. I get a kick out my hearing people whine how weak he is. Yes his threshold for pain is low, but he has more defensive maneuvers than anyone and 1/handers are tops in duels along with being the fastest runner. I am looking forward to new additions in this game.

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