Why is Man at Arms so underplayed ?

  • Underplayed? Did I hear you correctly?

    Anyway, if not many people are going MaA in the servers you’re on it’s because they favour the helicopter vanguard/knight spam swings. Ergo, you are among a large demographic of twelve-year-olds.

  • It’s my favorite class and most played by far.

  • I often play MAA, but if there is alot of knights its pointless.
    U cant make 1 single mistake with maa, cus if you fo the knight will one hit you with a 2h -.-

  • @SlyGoat:

    Edit: MaA also works very well WITH an archer for taking out enemy archers. If you’re sprinting and strafing with a shield you can be very difficult to hit, and you force the archers to divide their attention between you and your friendly archer who’s shooting at them. And of course you and your archer can also team up on melee; you can easily strafe around to force a shield user to divide their attention and expose their back to arrows.

    I confirm this, an archer has to pay full attention to both, but he can’t fight them at once. The maa will eventually force him into melee where he can do nothing but watch out for deadly broadheads while he watches the maa’s legs, trying to judge when he will dodge in for a real attack. They also have the potential to kill several unaware archers very quickly.
    This is basically a high pressure and very deadly team. Most people won’t even know how to handle it.

  • As primarily a Knight user, I dislike fighting good MAA the most; they are the most annoying with that pesky dodge and backpedal speed. I generally have better success against them as a Vanguard though.

  • It take the most skill to use effectively , got to know when to dodge and duck

  • MAA is capable of dominating in the right scenarios/maps. Games with a lot of people = a lot of chances you’ll get into a 1v1 duel then you’ll get raped from behind when your opponents buddy sees and easy kill. I have been trying to practice being more aware (see that vanguard sprinting from behind me) to do a quick doge and let guy who was about to take me from behind’s attack carry into my opponent. It actually works well when you’re playing against inexperienced players.

    MAAs don’t work well in maps where there are bottlenecks. I’m thinking of LTS Kill the King in Throne room map. There’s basically no way for MAA to play that map well, he just needs to wait until one of the doorways unblocks (frees of archers and knights). Then you enter backstabbing mode.

    MAAs, as already said, excel in situations where they won’t get ganged up on (low player games). They are very good at dueling if you know how to dodge, feint, and watch your stamina.

    They are also great in situations where the map allows for them to get behind other players without being noticed and enter backstab mode. Usually 3 hits to a knights head can occur before the knight knows where’s it’s coming from, then the knight’s head falls off.

    MAAs can also be good pullers. There will be times on certain maps where play stalls because no one wants to be the first one into the fray because that = instant death. MAAs can create a lot of confusion followed by a successful pull to your waiting team by being careful. With heater shield up you can run up to the enemy line where they’re grouping. Watch for swings to start then back out with shield up (shield up to deflect pesky archer arrows). 9 times out of 10 most of the vanguards will launch horiz swings out of surprise that end up ff the whole group. Some of the V’s and K’s will end up following you back to hopefully your waiting team. This generally causes the rest of the team to follow commencing the battle and allowing you to run around the side and take out the archers from behind. This scenario happens a lot on the battlefield map where everyone bunches up on the lake side of the map.

  • The reason MAA is underplayed is that people like crutching in games. In this game of spammy vanguards and knights with hammers, armor crutching is the easiest way to increase survivability with the least amount of effort.

  • IMO, Why play a class that does less damage, and has barely any health, with “mobility” that barely makes a difference when I can play something that does more damage and doesn’t die when someone breathes on me?

  • <edit>nvm</edit>

  • @Derpasaur:

    Give it a few (or maybe 1) months…

    Man at Arms has more of a learning curve, so players find it easier to get kills with vanguard and knight. Many of the experienced players play MAA, and I suspect we’ll see more MAA’s than anything else with due time.

    Provided there are no huge game-changing updates.


    Takes some more practice than the other classes to master MAA. However, once your good at it, it’s probably technically the class with the most powerful set of skills. The keys are patient non-spam swing choices, and mastery of footwork.

    I still havent taken the time to get good at MAA, but i have a couple guildmates who have, its the class with the most potential among vet players it seems. Takes practice and decisive & well timed choices though.

    You can counter them fairly well unless they are extremely good players however, but using unorthodox tactics, and precision footwork yourself. That will get harder and harder though, as MAA players build their skill.

    Answer to the question though, in one sentence is: Its harder to play out of the box than the other classes.

  • Short answer: Bigger learning curve, less health.

  • MAA have a great set of skills, i’m usually vanwith greatsword or halberd ive tested MAA mainly in duels but some pub, although fighting up close with a mace was different, the amount of heads i destroyed by using footwork and leaps was very satisfying! Definitely a class i will practice more though, pretty fun having so much speed and i found it so much easier to hit heads with short range weapons such as the mace. I agree with those who think that there will be more as people upskill, its certainly not a class for spammers!

  • Something else that I don’t like about playing MAA is that because you take more damage than say a Knight, you will often spend a lot more time healing between fights. I’m ok with continuing to attack with 50% HP as a Knight because I know that I will at least survive 1-3 more hits depending on what hits me. As a MAA though, going into a skirmish with half of your health gone will often mean that whatever hits you next will kill you.

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