Possible to play through proxy?

  • Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if it were possible to play through proxy servers, I am currently living in China(studying here) and I can play various games on the NA servers by using them proxy services with around 30-150ms. without it 300-900ms.

    I use a program called proxifier to pick up connections on my computer and direct them to my proxy connection. It can pickup and bind on ports and exe, and with them set to all I still cant manage to get a connection.

    But it seems like It wont not work for your game. Perhaps because you guys made countermeasure against proxies? (tho we have a steam account bound anyways so I don’t know)

    Games here locally in China are craptastic all cash cow micro transaction lame stuff, It would be great If someone can help me with a solution.


  • Bump, Still testing things but no luck :[

  • Are you able to see servers in the server browser via the proxy?

  • I can’t know that because I can’t get the game to connect through the proxy.

    I have set ALL applications and ALL ports to go through proxy…

    It still uses my normal connection and I can see servers, I don’t see the connections active on Proxifier, when launching the game I can see it connects just briefly with proxy then the server browser and actual in game don’t trigger the proxy connection.

    But your game manages to ignore it, So that is where I am stuck D:

  • After trying out many things, I decided to use an other software to handle the connections, using PROXYCAP

    I managed to handle the UDP connections of the game and WOLA, game connects to through proxycap but CANNOT SEE SERVERS Coincidence?

  • I have just checked with my proxy guys and they have UDP relays enabled on their servers, and I have played many other games that use UDP on it.

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