2 things needed most in next patch

  • so the patches seem to be going somewhere with improving the game dramatically.

    especially the archer mechanics.

    however i feel like alot of combat mechanics still need tweaking, i think these are most important right now and the most game ruining of all…

    Problem number 1: Swings starting from the back:

    Ok, this is retarded, and ruining a bit of my enjoyment of this game. You go up to attack someone from behind or somehow end up behind someone, and hes winding up to hit someone else, and he winds up all the way, and when he releases his swing, it kills everyone in a 180 degree arch around him from front to back, including me, when i was standing right behind him.

    twice in the last hour now i’ve been killed from people when i was behind them because of how far back the wind up is. The wind up is realistic, but getting killed by it is just plain stupid. There needs to be 1 of 2 things implemented here…

    A) Leave the windup as is, but make the “damage zone” only exist infront of the player, in his field of view.

    B) Add a “damage peak” where getting hit from a player who hasnt had much of a release on his weapon (therefore not having enough time for momentum) does minimal damage. However being in a players “peak damage” spot (the area infront of him) does greater damage. Therefore u could realistically get “hit” by a players windup from behind but take very little damage as momentum would have an effect. Players caught in the front of the strike take more damage, realistically.

    Problem number 2: 1 Handers are OP. Period.

    There is no way around this if you ask me. I have absolutely no reason to play with 2 Handers anymore. Everyone says “the reach makes it balanced” but it does not.

    Almost all 1 hand weapons kill in the same number of hits as a 2 hand weapon, they swing twice as fast, and some of them like broadsword and dane axe have decent range. throw in a shield, and longer range really doesnt balance shit for the 2 handers because the shield can block until your into range.

    I have no reason to ever use 2 handers now. Why wind up a swing for so long, just to either a) have it blocked by a 1 hander with a shield or, b) to have my attack interupted by a faster 1 hander.

    If I do manage to land a hit, it wont do anymore damage then the 1 hander in the first place? I gotta land 3 hits with this heavy sluggish 2 hander while the 1 hander is just going to kill in 3 hits aswell? and he can pull off all 3 hits before i can even get a windup in without interuption?

    Im almost playing MAA exclusively now after realizing how terrible 2H are.

    The fix i propose to this is:

    Ok, lets be honest, nerfing 1 handers to kill in 4-5 hits is gonna ruin 1 handers. It needs a proper fix. I propose, we make the LMB attack kill 4-5 hits, and keep the overhead and stabs where they are.

    This way 1 handers can still be effective, but quick 3 hit kills are based on skills, and not LMB spamming.

  • I don’t like either idea.

  • One idea you could implement is for every swing done, it will do less and less damage overtime. Your arms do get tired after all.

  • @Yoshiblue:

    One idea you could implement is for every swing done, it will do less and less damage overtime. Your arms do get tired after all.

    My arms never get tired. They sometimes think slashing and chopping heads off is tiring, but then they remember how much fun it is.

  • I also think its time for a new weapon, Id love to see a katana in the next patch.

  • I’d love to see some options with the fists (a defensive glove that allows parries and/or an offensive one that causes more damage, and/or one that has less stamina drain)

    Maps would be nice. I love the current ones (not so much ruins, but then again, I don’t play archer much) but some more options would be nice.

    Fix the ballistae objective. After trebs are down, the game is pretty much over for the masons.

    I’d like to see new ways around a shield. Breaking a shield would be cool. Buffing oil pots would be a good thing. Penetrating projectiles maybe? Something!

  • It’s simple… just like in age of chivalry, they should have added small amounts of damage for having to block a “heavier” weapon with a “lighter” weapon. That way when you do an easy to block swing they do take damage (even though it is just a little).
    I was shocked that this wasn’t implemented at the start. Anyway, it is more realistic to get some damage when blocking compared to blocking a hammer with a small dagger …

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