Performance that gradually gets worse…?

  • So, I watched a buncha stuff about this game yesterday and it looked so cool that I had to get it. Checked my specs (intel duo core 2ghz, 4 gigs of ram) and figured itd run it fine. But I get on, play about one life, then the lag hits me hard. Then it just gets worse and worse. Almost every game I have best latency and ping though o.O

    Anyone know?

    I also tried turning my power to high performance and also there was a thread about going into your nVidia preferences and changing the UDK to high performance etc etc. but I think my nVidia panel is out of date cause i didnt have those options… Let alone find the “UDK.exe” in my drop down menu… unless i clicked the box that revealed all options, not just the ones on my computer.

    If anyone has any idea on what im saying… im basically asking… is my computer just sh*t?

  • Your CPU is lacking. What settings and resolution do you play at? Also, what’s your GPU?

  • all settings are low and res is 1280 720

  • And your GPU?

  • GeForce GTX 260M


  • my screen is all white now…

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall but it is still all white.

  • Please attach your DxDiag.txt. You can obtain it by clicking the Windows Start Menu, typing in dxdiag into the search field, opening the dxdiag app that shows up in the search results, and clicking the Save All Information button in the app.

  • here

  • Ewww Vista. Well, the good news is that you start out just fine.

    Have you used compressed air on your laptop’s air vents lately? It could be dusty causing overheating.

  • no i haven’t. you think that could really be the issue

  • @cashmahnee:

    no i haven’t. you think that could really be the issue

    It’s possible. If it’s overheating, the laptop could be throttling the CPU and GPU to keep the temps down. So it starts out fine but as it heats up, it starts throttling to keep cool. A can of compressed air is much cheaper than buying a new computer. :)

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