Flame towers on Arena

  • Can we get whoever pushes the switch to get credit whenever somebody dies by that specific fire?
    I hate it when I push the switch, set a bunch of guys on fire and the only one who gets credit is who happens to be around and hitting them while they catch fire. I don’t mind they get credit, but those who push the switch should too.
    and can we get a FFA version where the pit is open?! The pit is the best part for FFA. Maybe add some switches to have the spike towers rotate too and chew up whoever’s near it. Maybe have some lions released and chew some legs off. lol, or not, at least until that’s easy to do of course. :)

  • +1 for fire pillar kill credit.

  • I don’t get why there’s no pit in FFA arena either. Though it is convenient for duels.

  • I like the platform at the middle, most ideal place to duel at without any hill difference or anything :-)
    Could be nice with one version with the pit + more traps

  • Also, the fire is invisible :l

  • There needs to be a plank above the spike pit for dueling purposes!

  • Or there could be a lever that releases the platform above the plunge pit, consuming both people of the duel. That would be hilarious. xD

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