Just a few suggestions

  • Great game so far, but it seems unfinished and I think it would be a shame if the game would be left in its current state.
    So here are my suggestions:

    -Make the leveling system meaningful
    You’ve implemented a leveling system but it has no apparent use, other than the increasing number itself. People like to unlock stuff. LOTS of stuff. Sure, they can unlock weapons but that works by killcount and not by level.

    -Give us customization
    Why not let us unlock different pieces of armor? Or at the very least, let us paint our armor or design our own crest.

    I’m sure you guys know this, but “Chivalry” doesn’t just mean abiding by some code of morals, it means that you ride a horse into battle. How about a gamemode where only knights battle eachother on horseback?

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