Server won't show up on server list

  • I’m attempting to set up a server for me and a few of my friends to duel, but I start the udk.exe with this .bat file

    UDK.exe AOCTD-Moor_p?steamsockets -seekfreeloadingserver -multihome=xx.xx.xx.xx -Port=7777 -QueryPort=27015 -maxplayers=10

    When I start it up the Black box appears so If what I’ve read is right that means It’s running.

    I’m also curious on where the cfg file is to where I can name the server. I believe I’ve already set the options and the server should have a name. It’s entirely possible I put it in the wrong place.

    Also if there is any ip search for servers that would be great. There may be one I just haven’t seen yet ^_^

    Any ideas please let me know.

  • I would also love to have an answer to this question.

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