Hello AoC Devs and Community

  • I’m sure not everyone who plays or has played AoC and is looking forward to the sequel has been in a Guild or would know where to start when joining one. I fall into the first category as I’m still an active AoC player and just stay on good terms with the Clans that run my preferred servers. Unfortunately there are only a couple servers that are up regularly that I have a good connection to though, so my ability to play enjoyable (non-lagtastic) matches depends on whether or not they are available.

    The purpose of this thread however is for new people who just signed onto the forums and may have recently heard about AoC2 (until now I thought it was just rumors to make AoC junkies salivate) to have a place to pop in and say hello, show support for the new game, and perhaps tell their favorite classes and how much or when they play. Making it easy to see if perhaps they are just the kind of person a certain Guild is seeking.

    I didn’t see a thread like this already so if it already exists I apologize!

    So I’ll go first! My steam alias is also SuperD, my favorite classes are Knight and Longbowman. I really like AoC because whether you only have 30 minutes to play or a couple hours to kill you can hop in and jump right into the action and of course how skill based it is. Its an awesome game and I am STOKED about the sequel! When you need beta testers just let me know!

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