Battlecry freeze

  • This happens way too often to me…

    When you hit the battlecry button while running you get that yell/powerup thingie, which is awesome. But if you are walking or fighting and hit battlecry you stand still, do that sword-up ‘for the honor of agatha’ thing while you’re frozen for a few seconds.
    The thing is… this always happens to me mid-fight. So then I’m frozen while there’s three guys attacking me and I’m franticly trying to switch weapons to break it off, but by the time I’ve got my main weapon back my head will be rolling around the floor…

    Couldn’t you make so that the battlecry doesn’t freeze you, but you can only do that ‘for the honor of agatha’ thing if you stood still on your own accord? Or better yet, give it a different bind altogether?

    This gets me killed way too often, and it’s extremely frustrating :) It’s not very realistic either.

  • With the last patch they changed the voice command buttons and the way you use them, if I remember correctly x was the moving battlecry and c the “taunt”, but now c is both, battlecry and the “taunt”.

  • You can rebind it to a different key if you are accidentally hitting it all the time.

  • Yeah my bad. I thought it was the battlecry that gave you the speed up attack as vanguard. Turns out you just have to run for a while ;-) Sorry about that.

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