Game alt-tabs/goes to desktop on Windows 8

  • Does anyone know how to fix this? With Windows 8, when you mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen, when you click it opens up the start menu. Well, with Chivalry, even when I’m full screen, it’ll still minimize the game if my “invisible cursor” or whatever happens to be in the bottom left and I click, while playing the game.

    It’s interrupted my gameplay so much it’s really bumming me out! Has anyone found a fix to this? The search function doesn’t seem to be working on the site right now.

  • Personally I’ve not came across it as of yet :/

  • I wonder if it has to do with my dual-monitor / extended desktop…

  • most likely test with just the one monitor if not when I rewire my Ethernet tomorrow i’ll see what can fix that for you

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