Evening-Up Team Objective Gamemodes

  • I think it’s safe to say that in many aspects the TO heavily sides with the defending side. It’s the safe side you go to that requires not nearly as much focus and competence to achieve the objective than the offensive side, that has very specific goals on a timer. I’d say the best balanced map we have so far is of course, Stonehill, that has a solid progression of difficulty for the attacker and subsequent advantages for the defender. The most egregiously bad map in terms of defensive advantage, as I’ve said before, is Hillside: with it’s rediculously unbalanced 1st and then 2nd stage, where attackers have to scramble from a spawn much farther away from the fire, have to pass through a narrow chokepoint Masons can easily deadlock, and then light–and maintain–the fire that can easily be kicked out by defenders who spawn much, much closer and have a shortcut tunnel to bypass the main choke. Etc, with the trebs on 2nd, while 3rd stage…needs a big revamp, to say the least.

    All of this aside for a moment, I’d like to brainstorm some ideas for possible fixes:

    1. Slightly longer spawns for defenders. Especially on the first stage of Hillside and the last stage of Stonehill and Battlegrounds. Having the advantage of terrain, battlements, and a closer spawn, should mean that death should be punished more heavily and defenders should pay attention to holding ground and playing smartly on terrain that favors them.

    2. More flexible cart mechanics. Slightly faster cart push speed, that increases much more with more players pushing it TF2 style. Also since the melee nature of the game, 1 defender should not be able to stop a cart being pushed my 5 or so attackers. Also get rid of the “cubbyholes” that lead to defenders camping in their corners.

    3. Better capture mechanics. Especially on second stage of Hillside where the finicky trebs can reset the entire meter if one fidgets slightly away or moves a bit to defend himself from attackers. Again, like TF2, make captures incremental, where instead of instantly going to 0% if attackers move away from it or die, it falls downwards instead. Clearly defined borders for capture points would be appreciated as well.

    4. Server settings for larger battles. While not necessarily built for more than 32 players, it would be nice to see settings that can accommodate larger battles where defenders can win simply by deadlocking objectives with pure bodymass instead of working to defend objectives. This ties into point 2 where a mass of co-ordinates attackers can be stopped from pushing the cart entirely by defenders falling in one-at-a-time to continually stutter the carts advance. Adjustable spawn-times would also be great

  • Nothing? Would have thought this could merit some discussion. :/

  • Well yes they do need to be adjusted for large battles. Your point 4, I have already suggested and been heard by Andrew. I noticed the maps are balanced when the game is 24 players and under. I mostly stick to 10 vs 10 size games because attackers do win a lot, since skill is able to dominate the battle over defenders piling on the cart or trebuchet 3. Right now the TO is balanced, just not for the large servers. However the devs have said a balance patch is on its way, they were just getting bugs fixed first before focusing on a proper balance patch.

  • I disagree with making the server more populous. If you play full 32 players you will notice the game is running at its limit. It feels like the game is skipping some physics for fractions of seconds at at time but constantly. This means some very weird hits connecting or blocks not registering.

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