How do you cycle views when observing?

  • Unless I’m missing something it seems like you’re limited to either viewing someone in 3rd person or free camera view when you’re observing a match like during a last team standing and you’re out.

    Mouse wheel down gives you free camera while mouse wheel up gives you a view from behind of some random player. Is that it???

  • The player follow cam was actually included in the patch by mistake, I believe. It’s a very unfinished feature. Expect some polish for it in the near future.

  • If we could cycle through the player list to observe specific players that would be great. There was an incredible MaA on a server recently that was just tearing up the map. I’d love to have seen his play style from an observers perspective.

  • Unfinished yet still neat. Its mostly targets a random enemy archer as if its tell me to go hunt him down. The games, it grew a brain.

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