[Bug]Massive Hit Registration issues

  • So, I’ll try to keep the bile to a minimum. But I think the most basic form of player interaction in this game, you know, the part where one guy hits another with a weapon, should be something that mostly works.

    In order to head off the inevitable flood of “You just missed!” complaints, I want to specify something. I’ve watched attacks go through ME, attacks that should have hit, and they did nothing. I’ve watched projectiles just clip straight through. Stood in the center of swings. And had opponents comment with bewilderment that three stabs went through their face with no effect.

    I’m not count the strange hit arcs, that cause you to hit people behind you, or block behind you, but not in front. I won’t bring up broken blocking at all. And I’m not referring to the fact that being on a different elevation seems to also screw attacking up royally.

    Nor am I referring to lag. I have played online games for years, I know the difference between juttery gameplay from lag, and non registering hits.

    Is there a fix? A setting? Should I re-install? Or am I just going to be told to wait for patches.

  • I agree that at some point the hit boxes are just strange and blocking is also impossible sometimes, it seems.
    At least it is not something, that is 100% understandable, which is quite frustrating after some time.

  • Effect, that is the point. A game like this needs to be 100 % understandable. We are not rolling dice, we accelerate wood and metal against flesh and bones.

    At the moment it is like the railgung in Quake 3 Arena only hitting 8 of 10 times, or hitting every now and then when you clearly missed the hitbox. This just isn’t OK.

  • The funny part about this is that the hit detection was BETTER before the major update. I have witnessed this aswell, I have witnessed arrows go straight through me and did no damage. I have seen arrows go straight through someone running AT me and no damage, very strange and no it wasn’t a MISS. I have witnessed this with melee classes aswell but it seems to be much easier to see the bug with arrows. I do not remember having these issues before the patches.

  • Anyone? Any response at all? Continues to be a major problem even with pings under 100.

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