Training and Keybind issues

  • Hi

    Just got this game and I haven’t even got to play on MP yet. I’m trying to get through the training first and I am noticing problem after problem that has caused me to exit the training and start it again.

    1, I found that after completing the archer training, I clicked on the Ammo chest and it triggered the Archer training over again, except it was broken. The instructions kept flickering and changing on my screen and the process kind of lost its synch. When it came to attacking one of the guys he wouldn’t hit back and I was supposed to block his hits, so that left me having to quit the training and start again.

    2, When I tried the training again I got to the Knight training, which went wrong when it came to using the Shield Bash. You see I configured the F key to change my camera perspective (Same as I have it in the TES games) and the training mode only tells you to use the default keys and not the new ones you have picked, so that left me in a pickle. If you configure the F key to something else, then what are you supposed to use for the Shield Bash? I had no idea I was breaking this key bind as it isn’t even listed in the Key bind list!

    3, When trying the Man at arms training again, once it came to the dodging part there was a moment where it wouldn’t let me move at all apart from double tapping back and forward. That was all I could do. After I did that several times it let me move properly again.


  • 1. This sounds like a glitch, did it happen again?

    2. Yes, the text displaying what key does what does not change when you set different binds, which is a legitimate problem. However, it technically is listed in the binds, but it is kick. They use the same button.

    3. Thanks for reporting the bug.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply.

    I’ve gone to see if the first bug happens again and I’ve found another issue. I thought it might be to my tactical advantage when playing Man At Arms to combine the dodge key with stab. Meaning that stab and dodge are activated at the same time on the scroll up mouse wheel button… Here’s where that presents a problem during the Training:
    When it comes to the part where you have to hit the logs to demonstrate the different attacks, the game locks your movement. So if you hit the dodge move, your character bounces backwards and you can’t get back to the log in order to hit it. I would imagine this will happen to anyone who uses the independent dodge key, no matter where they have assigned it, even by accident.

  • Glitch number 1 has happened again. I restocked on ammo after the archer tutorial was finished and it triggered the tutorial again. It let me get as far as shooting at the targets, then it got to crouching and got stuck. It wouldn’t let me crouch at all and the instructions on the screen kept flashing from telling me to crouch to something about refilling at the ammo box. Couldn’t get out of it.

    Same glitch with different outcome.

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