Advanced Blocking Mechanics

  • I´ve realized that the blocking how it is at the moment is kinda useless if you are fighting more then one guy at a time.
    Although it is really nice that you are able to parry two attacks at the same time, it appears to be useless against people who know what they are doing.
    I often catch myself just waiting for my teammate to strike the enemy and then hit him right after,
    since the parrying has a cool down and it´s impossible for the other player to block the attack!
    It also often happens to myself that I get hit although it would not be hard to block the second attack if it would not be for the cool down phase.
    So what I was thinking is, that you can double block.

    How it could work:

    _You block an attack as you usually would, but as soon as the opponents strike hits your sword you press the Right Mouse Key again to instantly go into another block, which would drain more stamina, but at least it would give people a chance to win, if they are fighting against two good people at the same time.

    Best Regards

    Sir JJG_

  • There’s many factors that decides how a two versus one situation ends, if the loner goes into a full defensive stance where he would constantly keep back pedling to gain some distance between the two others, then he is kinda digging his own grave, best way is to either make sure they are not too close to each other, that would allow more room for you to fight & dance, might work, might not. There’s still some chances to survive even against two skilled ones if you know what you are doing, though the idea about being able to block again sounds alright, shouldn’t cost extra stamina.

  • not a bad idea, would like to playtest it

  • Maybe the 2 v 1 example wasnt to good. But generally if fighting against more then one person, people usually just keep swinging their weapons till you are dead and sometimes it is literally impossible for you to do anything. Sometimes you might manage to walk in between them so they end up hitting each other but often it will end up with everybody trying to stab you till you die.

  • If you are in a one versus many situations, then its something I believe is you and your teams fault, thus you should not really stand a chance against many opponents at once, unless you really manage to pull off a miracle.

  • I don’t think this idea would be too OP because after you have successfully blocked the second attack, that leaves you open for the first guy who attacked you to attack again, and with no 3rd block possible you would be defeated. Also if you constantly double blocked you would run out of stamina fast.

    not to mention that double blocking different enemies attacking from different positions would be pretty hard to pull off in the first place.

    You could still be easily defeated by multiple players if one of them kicks you and the other strikes while you are stunned.

  • Use a shield, then you can block multiply attacks with ease.

  • Shields as they are right now are a little bit obnoxious, only a little bit.
    See topic: /viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7102

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