Some exciting news for me, bad news for all my enemies

  • My sister/niece moved out. I’ll finally be able to rid myself of this wireless modem. Even though I’m on the dedicated wire, it’s a pos to begin with, complete garbage if somebody is using the Internet, and impossible if they stream music/movies/downloads. I have DSL. I’ll no longer tolerate this type of modem and in the future look into a router or whatever, so, I can unplug it. For some reason wireless modems don’t have an off switch…

    As a side bonus, the phone won’t ring or have somebody on it all the time. Which causes static. I’m actually just gonna unplug it or possibly switch to cable Internet. I personally hate the phone. I also won’t have to deal with people always bugging me or them letting the cat inside and have it annoy me.

    I bought an outdoor rectangle table, the most massive mouse pad I could find, and four bean bag long socks that are wrist pads. This is the first time I’ll actually have enough room to play. Over the years playing CS/WoW/Whatever/And now AoC, I’ve always had a problem of smacking stuff with the mouse.

    I’m no longer working on 1337 Board: HotkeyZ Menu. I’m making 1337 Board: Touch Typing and hopefully 1337 Board: Input Utility, but I’m not a coder, so, that could take years. Mainly the issue was I’d have to test crap and I wanted to move away from ASDF. Constant keyboard lock and impossible to see what was going on, I gave up on that. Which is the reason I started to develop the touch typing game, to see the keyboard on screen. Another issue with that was I was trying to use different keyboards, two keyboards at the same time, rotate the keyboard… Whatever. I barely did that, but it did cause major confusion when the keyboards didn’t have the same shape, aka a non-standard rectangle.

    Because of the ram/hard drive failures, I would always lose my AoC config. If I ever make my more advanced one, I’m sending it to my E-MaiL, lol

    There’s only one issue now and that’s the computer. My PCI Express graphics card died like two or three months ago. And I was cleaning out my good computer and the rag got too close to the processor. I ripped out the metal things that stick up. I thought they went straight up, I wasn’t paying attention.

    So, I could get a graphics card and new ram, which I badly need, or get a new computer. Sadly I have no job atm, so, I’m stuck. Like an idiot I pitched all my keyboards except the good one. It got water on it or something, I bought a waterproof keyboard to see what it’s like. Uber turdboard

    Here’s some backstory on these two computers if you’re totally bored :P

    I had an integrated graphics card die, I knew nothing about them and it played World of WarCraft fine. One day they patched it and I got into it, it went boom. I bought a crappy 300 dollar computer as a replacemet. I figured this time I had to buy a card. Eventually I turned on the older, more powerful computer. The graphics would only work for like a minute. I was able to switch the bios over to PCI Express and w00t, it worked.

    Then about a year ago I startd playing Age of Chivalry. Hated it… Still hate it, but kept playing. However, my sister/niece moved in and the power went out at the house constantly. They have no care as they didn’t have a computer. The ram/hard drive constantly went out. Because I had two comuters, I was able to switch pieces to restore the hard drive. But the ram usually had to be pitched. It was so bad at one point, playing AoC would have the computer completly freeze every other minute.

    Later I realized my Windows XP computer, the powerful one, I converted it to Windows Vista to salvage the hard drive, as I didn’t have the DVD to XP, only on the hard drive. However, anytime the computer was put into sleep/hibernate, it destroyed the ram.

  • Pix

  • Age of SpinCraft… I’m game

    Just need tape or something to hold up the mouse wire

  • And if you’re wondering, yes, the pad is the same width as the monitor and about one inch bigger in height

  • I approve of all of this. Particularly the monitor to mousepad ratio! :D

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