Feedback 4 last patch : HUGE lags now.

  • Hello gents,

    First, i want you to know that i used to love this game, for lots of reasons. What you (Torn banner Studio) managed to do with it was awesome. Skill based gameplay like in Chivalry, tend to be lost in video games those days as you know.

    But, since the last patch, i can no more play without a huge, permanent, indescent lag, just like if was downloading something while playing, but the problem is: i’m not!
    i’ve checked everything aside (not hard, im used to fix computers @ my work since 15y now) but the problem seems to comes directly from the game, and i never saw this issue before the last patch. complete defrag of my steam hard drive didn’t change a milisecond on the permanent lag i suffer ingame now.

    Few indications you’ll need to know:

    • I have a 1mb DSL connexion, meaning that my max download speed is 124k/s and max upload is 32k/s. Ok that can seems to be a joke-connexion for lot of you, but be sure that i never lagged like that before, never. and i can play to all other games i have without any lag.

    • An other point is, its NOT a perf issue with my PC, so my DXdiag may be completly useless, as im stuck at 60fps (never less, never more: vsync!) and as my router is freshly rebooted, connexion 100% ok, ‘Net Limiter’ also clearly shows there is nothing on my PC to explain those lags (no malware for example).

    • Last point but not the less weird: my ingame ping seems to be fine despite those horrible lags: 70ms (i never had less before the patch so it is my ‘regular’ ping, and i recorded a lot of fraps vid’s, smooth, with way more ping than this)

    I really really really hope you’ll take care of this serious issue, because untill you fix it, the game is completly lost to me : nobody can descently play with such a lag.
    And as i said, i have NEVER suffered from this issue before the last patch. Now i suffer from this lag on every server, from 10 players to 64. Yep, you read fine : even in 10 player servers!!

    Torn Banner Studio, i love you, I do not want to use my super Maul on you, but i will if nothing changes!


    a loyal player that used to love the game.

  • Yep, just tried to play twice today, it’s just unplayable right now.

    It was already kinda off the days before but now it’s much worse.

  • Just a heads up, you’re missing Windows updates (SP1) and your video card drivers are a few months old. I’m not expecting that to fix your lag … but who knows? Also, make sure that your network drivers are up to date too.

  • First, thank you for you attention.
    But my drivers were manualy updated very recently (29 days ago exactly), so i dont think it has any matter to do with the lags, because as i said, i have no performance issue, i’m happy with my constant 60fps.
    Are you sure that SP1 will change anything? because i played very smoothly before the last patch.

    Imho its more due to the fact that something is broken now in the netcode, and with the kind of connexion i got (DSL 1M) i feel this broken netcode more than people that have 20x/40x more bandwitch than me.

    I’m not the only one that suffer from hard lag since the patch, i’ve found other ppl complaining about it online.

    Edit: today i’ve found a server where i can play with a less annoying lag, but its only a 16 player server and its the only one i found where i can move without micro-teleport every meter. for now ill try to relie on this server, but im sad that i can no more play on other servers, its still unplayable even if the servers have good ping and are located in my country.

  • Any news ?
    Understand me : i dont want anyone to fix anything on my computer, my computer is fine!

    I just want to be sure that the devs are aware of this feedback, they have to know that they have broken something in the last patch for the lowest DSL connexions (i can understand that my kind of internet connexion looks like an extinguished species, but its not so rare, thank you).

    Actualy my wish is quite simple : some kind of fix (for those awfull lags) will be very welcome in the next patch, so i won’t have to forget and uninstall this awesome game.

    Thank you!

  • I have the same problem again with the lag…

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