Will there be a demo before the game is released?

  • I forgot where I heard this, it might have been on here, but somewhere I read that over the summer there will be a demo or beta for everyone to play. Is this true?

  • Developer

    We are still working out how to approach the beta stage- but will let you know as soon as we know for sure!

    Also we do plan on having a demo so people could have a time to try out the game and see if its worth the purchase to them, that is something I believe in and we believe in as a company. Though to be honest we don’t know all the specifics about how the demo would work through a distributor (such as steam), so hopefully we are able to do this for you guys but can’t confirm anything yet.

  • …Nice news, i can’t wait to try this game…!

    N.B.:…please, not only by Steam, allow download from this site or others DD…


  • @Jab. What he said, I will still buy if its steam only but if at all possible it would be preferable to be able to purchase and play from a different site. ( This one perhaps)

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