Feedback in 1st person often irritating and demotivating

  • This is one thing that drives me mad every once in a while:

    You need to learn for every weapon from scratch, where exactly it hits or blocks, especially on higher ping servers. I don’t know exactly why, but the lower my ping, the more “intuitively” I can react to the enemy’s weapon, but that is not the point.

    A good example: the maul. Whenever in close fight, I tend to try blocking overhead maul attacks too low, because that is what I see. Is the maul longer than it’s model? Do I need to block anywhere else?

    Also: why can I hit with the tip of my halberd, when the enemy clearly blocks against the pole? This does not make any sense at all!

    I know it is a problem to render exactly what the hit detection calculates especially because of the different render spaces (you know what I mean?) of the first person view and the rest of the display, but this needs to be optimised.

    If I could wish just one thing for Chivalry 2, it would be per polygon hit detection.

  • @MadManniMan:

    If I could wish just one thing for Chivalry 2, it would be per polygon hit detection.

    Chivalry 1 chomps enough CPU already lol!

  • Haha, quite right! But I guess we will all be running Hasswell systems at least, so there should be some capacity left.

    But to be honest, per poly hit detection would be what I would love to FEEL, not to literally be there. Chivalry is so direct and … “CRUNCHY” most the time, but then there are those


    moments, that enrage me. And I am not speaking of this “Haha, I am enraged now. LOL ;-P” rage. ;(

  • I guess the guy here: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=7170
    is talking about the same or a similar issue.
    Yet I hope there will be something to optimize since it really is frustrating sometimes.

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