Quarter Finals! Dark Age Gaming Primitus Tourny - FK3 vs VQ2

  • The first recorded game of the quarter finals is here for your viewing pleasure!



    Dark Age Gaming Presents the North American Primitus Tournament
    for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    Gamemode - 5 vs 5 Last Team Standing

    Round 1: Forgotten Kings Team 3 versus Vanquish Team 2

    The quarter finals of the Dark Age Gaming Primitus Tournament have started with a bang as Forgotten Kings and Vanquish face off to see who progresses! The stakes are higher and so is the skill as a hyper aggressive Forgotten Kings team blitzes Vanquish’s archer focused line up! Who will win in this face paced game?

    Main host: Dr.Nick
    Cohost: HeightofAbsurity

    reddit post here http://www.reddit.com/r/ChivalryGame/co … _3_and_vq/

  • Will you be posting your recording of the Kila vs. IL match? Would be nice to get a different perspective.

  • Indeed I will! I took the day off yesterday so I haven’t edited it yet. There were so many little hiccups in the match I’ll need to do a lot of cutting and fading. I’m not sure how much of a different perspective it will be since HeightofAbsurdity was still cohosting with me throughout the game.

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