Beta dedicated server tool (GUI)

  • I’ve compiled a script that incorporates a GUI to start dedicated servers with more ease. Tested and working. There may be a few bugs. Forward UPD/TCP ports 7777, 7778, 8888, and 27015 to your server, extract the tool to chivalry_ded_server/Binaries/Win32 and run Chivalry Dedicated Server Tool.exe.


  • for all concerned with possibility of virus, here is the autoit source code.


  • I extracted the file, put those ports into port triggering and i launch the app… didn’t work for me

  • try doing single port forwarding rather than port triggering. I noticed on my end when I tried port triggering it didnt’ work for me either. That’s because port triggering only temporarily forwards the ports, but port forwarding is permanent.

  • K i’ll give it a try

  • Would this work If i wanted to run a server for the actual “Beta” Patch currently on steam?

  • this sounds handy could someone tell me how to use this on a remote server? ie. a hosted plan server, I am using Fragnet as my host for Chivalry, I have upload rights so can drop the exe into the server, however, I am unsure as to how to execute it remotely.


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