The importance of MOTD for building chivalry communities

  • Hi all & devs.

    I think you guys have underestimated the requirement for message of the day on servers… Without this it is very hard to advertise clan websites for recruiting and building clan communities which can war.

    Look at source games like CSS etc… this is what we need.

    I’m loving the game just trying to grow the community so this is not a whinge!

    Thank you

  • Honestly thought you meant match of the day when I clicked the link…

  • And then maybe fit an advertisement or two.

  • Yeaahh… No.

    People only abuse MOTDs by slapping ads on them, so every new player connection earns them money.

    There really aren’t many options either. MOTDs could be limited to text (not flashy enough to catch anyone’s attention) or images (nothing clickable), or the clientside option to disable MOTDs.

    And in case of the latter, people will most likely create server mods so people with MOTDs off are penalized (autokicked, or can’t switch weapons, etc). It happens in source games already.

  • Yeh i don’t agree, This isn’t source.

    Number 1 reason is to give server rules, give you clan info etc. Text is fine… yeah OK some people don’t read it but so what, many people do.

    Maybe a poll is in order.

  • This is actually kinda essential…
    I run 2 duel servers and get sick of typing out the rules constantly.

    If I could have access to a MOTD and say, a text msg that pops up every 2 mins with the rules it would make my life so much easier.

  • addendum:
    I know duelling is coming in Jan but still think a MOTD is essential for recruiting.

    So what if some servers minimise their expenses with ads…More servers mean more community.
    I won’t be placing ads but will be linking my clan hompage:

    [shameless plug] [/shameless plug]

  • Ads are usually non-intrusive when put up there so there’s really harm on that…

    As for the MOTD, I support 100%. Also, perhaps a text pop-up every X seconds saying whatever the Admin wants it to say. For example:

    Welcome to Team Objective
    wait 45s
    Team Killers will be banned without hesitation.
    wait 45s
    We are recruiting 18+ Apply at

    Then it repeats. B3 does it right.

  • I’d support the message window in the beginning, rather than chat spam every X minutes.

    TF2 style.

  • @suge1w:

    Honestly thought you meant match of the day when I clicked the link…

    That could actually be a feature to add to this site or something haha- a Torn Banner selected Chivalry youtube video of the day. :D

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