Friend Names In Arena FFA

  • It doesn’t make sense to have friend-names popping up in free for all. In my case, it leads to my archer friends shooting at my name only when we’re playing in the arena. They wouldn’t even be able to pick me out among the crowd if not for the god-awful names popping up.

    I won’t even get into how much I hate seeing names popping up over people’s heads in the first place, but seriously, even in FFA??!! It just leads people to play with group tactics when they cooperate and unfair targeting when they aren’t. Turn it off for FFA. Or better yet, give us a stealth option where we can’t see names and nobody on our friends lists can see ours. The pop-up names really kill the feel of the game anyway.

  • press H until all the nameplates are gone.

  • That doesn’t solve the problem of his friends seeing him.

  • if they are his friends they could do the same :>

  • The reason why you can see friends in FFA is due to the fact that everyone is an Agatha player. I think that this is being fixed soon.

  • I actually like it in FFA, I get to deliberately hunt clan buddies :-P

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