Encountered some sort of weird hack last night

  • So this guy comes into the game last night with some sort of weird speed/attack hack. Basically the guy was running around the map super fast killing everyone he ran into almost instantly. He was using a Vanguard with a 2-handed sword. Animation wise he was holding the sword up as though he was going to do the Vanguard charge attack. When he would close in on the victim, his animation wouldn’t change but the victim would get hit multiple times really fast with no way to block or counter. At times he would stop, crouch down for a few seconds then stand up and charge around the map again killing people. I wish I had fraps or something running.

  • Yuu should’ve frapsed it.

  • Speed hack is a fairly common hack… I saw one today that I’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE! This guy would Taunt, and it would kill someone. No matter how far away they were. I actually only saw it from about 20 or so ft away, but killed like 5 ppl with it. This person had NO NAME, and was lvl 34. So if you see him, report and kick him right away!

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