Capture the Loot/Flag whats needed?

  • Capture the Flag/Loot suggestions.
    If the dev team were making a mode for Capture the Loot/Flag what would have to change?

    Example (Quake3 ctf leagues of old)
    team strats.

    1 in base 1 mid 3 attack.

    or just defence if ahead say 2 in base 3 in mid as was my clans tactic.Lock down the base keep lead.
    even 4 in attack 1 in base for a suprise.

    Very good strafe running skills were very important. skilled players could strafe run fast and get to positions
    or help recover flags.

    Spawns were anywere on maps. also added excitement. fast comms and directed were to head to plus cg_teamoverlay in hud.

    Not to Dampen the chivalry game but You might need to look this in more depth.

    for example maps. Each teams part of map the same. So for now any base is the same.
    I suggest mirrored maps for this mode atm.

    spawn points. If a team respawns in base that could be tricky in recovery of flags and catching up.

    Running/strafe run ? to catch up a flag carrier? could be tricky as nobody can run faster hehe. or more skillfully.

    no team overlay to see were your players are? on map.

    binds comms for cordinated attacks? or voice comms.

    Sugested Tactics in Chivalry could be.

    Flag Defence Knight full shield or throwing axe.

    1 or 2 archers for mid ground

    2 vanguards 1 knight in attack.

    Any good team captain will have his/her ideas of this tbh.

    Just some ideas to think on if the developers make a good ctf/loot mode.

    Maybe the test map could be the one with Pit in the middle and gates with the Loot or flag in each base were atm , players spawn at start of game.

    In a small map like this the other factors may not be so important.

    the clan/league players of chivalry might have it ideas on this also?

  • Well they are already making a CTF mode and it should be in the next(?) content release.

  • That would be great tbh. If the points mentioned have been considered then defo looking forward to
    this mode. :)

  • I guess we shall see.

    I’m really REALLY looking forward to new maps/modes in general, so I’ll be happy with whatever else comes out! :)

  • I would suggest this mode is 7v7 with 2 archer limit per team. or 6v6
    leaves slots for other classes.

    example could be knight at Loot/flag def. Maa at outer base def. 1 archer mid with van
    3 in attack.

    will the killed players have to wait to respawn in batches? how would a team catch the Loot/Flag carrier?

    If you had bigger teams then the usual 5v5 in ctf , then your team has a chance to catch the Loot/Flag carriers elsesquare on map as its unlikely all 7 members of the team could be killed at once.

    I also suggest the testing of this mode is left to the good clans atm and beta testers left.
    before its released. the big established clans like vq, rk and some others. with own servers etc.

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