King vs King (a competition mod/mode)

  • I wanted to try and make this myself but i generally lack the time and skills so maybe someone might want to pickup this idea.

    Basically the idea is:

    Two teams two kings the team that kills the other king first wins.
    on death players keep spawning until match ends.
    best of 3 rounds

    Ideally this all happens on a mirrored map to make the match as balanced as possible.
    The arena map could be used right away ,however that map isnt that interesting ,it would be nice if there were 2 thronerooms (from the TO map) opposite of eachother to give a more tactical map.

    The problem will be how you sort the spawning.
    If players spawn in base it might be near impossible to kill a king.
    So I had some thoughts about letting players spawn in the middle, however this needs to be tested to make any sensible remark.

    I think this gamemode would be fun and it doesnt seem too hard to mod
    since its basically an adaptation of existing gameplay elements (teamdm and TO).
    It will be ok for public play but my feeling is that it will shine in competition play so that is kinda the focus.

    so what do you guys think?

    edit: i just saw im not the first to mention this 8-)

  • @SirDancealot:

    edit: i just saw im not the first to mention this 8-)


    …But in all seriousness, this would indeed be fun.

  • Great idea. But if you think about the layout of the map, why would the thrones of two kings trying to seize a whole country BE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER? :?

  • because its a symbolic representation

    I dont think the unreal engine allows maps to be the size of countrys
    let alone the player numbers required to fill them

    The thronerooms idea is because it is the area best suited which is already available (to keep things as simple as possible).
    Im not saying u cant make 2 castles or 2 outdoor areas or 2 anything, but before putting in a lot of effort maybe it is better to do some testing first.
    Like I said the easiest testing ground is the arena map which will work as it is now, but i fear it will be a bit boring.

    My main concern however is the following:

    Do you think that spawning in base would lead to fun and balanced gameplay?
    It has the risk that it becomes very hard to kill the king since killed defenders spawn right into position, while attackers have to walk a mile (like it is now in TO). Nothing is more frustrating than killing 3 defenders and have them spawn right back into your face.
    Personally I dont like the idea of making spawn times longer (which would alleviate it a bit) , because the cost would be that players spend less time in action and more time waiting, which is not something you want and also it affects attackers too since it will take longer for them to mount an assault.
    It might be necessary to create some larger middle area where players spawn, so that they not automatically spawn in position and maybe even have to fight to get their position in defense back.
    One of the issues that might arise is that teams will try to spawn camp, thats why the middle has to be large enough for players to escape without engaging or maybe not?

    These are gamemaking/breaking considerations I would love to hear some thoughts on it

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