Forsaken Studios - Embers of Caerus

  • Forsaken Studios is a bunch of talented, hard working people who are dedicating their life to creating the Sandbox MMO of their dreams.

    Embers of Caerus is a next-generation sandbox medieval fantasy MMORPG under development by Forsaken Studios. With a rich, player-controlled story, a massive, realistic game-world, and a host of innovative features, Embers of Caerus promises to be the game that sandbox fans have been waiting for! Now, with the fantastic support of leading software company Havok and access to their amazing technologies, we’re ready to take our project to the next level. And that’s where you come in…

    They have just reached their goal of $25,000 and are now stretching towards gaining $50,000!

    To give our project have the best possible chances of success, we still need you to keep donating anything you can and supporting the project. The initial target funds the core basic requirements of what we need, but to really impress those investors we need to go further.

    The stretch goals will help us secure the use of more middleware in our prototype, employ the services of a few specialist freelancers to bolster some parts of our team, and if we go high enough allow certain members of the team to quit their day jobs and start dedicating their full time to this project!

    The first stretch target is: $50,000!

    If anyone is interesting in donating or just showing their support please take a look at the following links: … -prototype!/ForsakenStudios

    Thank you for your time.

  • Gogo EoC !!!

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