• Chivalry is awesome, however (no offense to class developers) has limited content when it comes to armor for the classes. you know how when you select class you can choose 3 lets of weapon, primary secondary and special. well it would be cool if you could chose 3 sets of armor. helmet, body and legs.

    More sets of armor will allow diversity and realism. in the medieval times, not every man at arms looked the same, not every vanguard wore the same uniform. also will make players stand out, thus avoiding confusion and letting friends identify each-other.

    each class should have 3 types of helmets (and 3 more Veteran versions) that match the class

    3 types of armor that match the class. example Knight Plate armor comes in many designs so give us 3 types of plate. Vanguards have chain mail, but i think it would be cool if you give us 2 other types of armor like scale armor or Brigandine. its just an idea, but it would make chivalry much more pleasing to the eye and ad more content.

    As for weapons i recommend more polearms like the Glaive, Guisarme or godendag. wich seem very much like vanguard material. and for more 2hand swords i think if you look at the Maciejowski “Chopper” those would be epic ingame

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