Old Gear

  • In the original gameplay videos i noticed some weapons and shields dont look the same or have been taken out completely, for instance i noticed the original Tower shield was plain with no banner/coat-of-arms on it, and buckler too. i also noticed the Agatha Vanguards looked different and i am wondering, can i change it. see i personally find it unpleasing to the eyes if i play free for all (everyone gets random colored and patterned armor) but all have Agatha coat of arms on their shields, i liked it when buckler and Tower shield had no coat of arms. like the ones shown in the arsenal http://www.chivalrythegame.com/blog/wp- … 00x228.png

    http://www.chivalrythegame.com/blog/wp- … 00x229.png

  • would be nice if you could choose your gear colour-desing. And if it worked like the weapon unlocking system.

    the blazon would be obligatory just on team matches but optional in free-for-all matches

  • I’m not sure about the old gear, but I believe they are working on it where you can do a bit more customization. Not sure how near in the future it will be though.

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