Votekick Abuse

  • The votekick abuse in this game is unbelievable. Today for instance I was in an LTS game and a teammate came up behind me and started attacking me. I blocked about half a dozen times and even said in game chat for him to stop attacking. I realized he wasnt stopping and decided to attack back. I killed him and next round he started a vote kick against me for tking! I explained to everyone in game what happened but whenever a vote starts everyone just presses yes. I got votekicked.
    Not 1 game after that another teammate attacked me in an LTS game and after my last experience I decided just to let him kill me. I asked why he attacked me and he said because. I started a votekick and of course he wasnt kicked, he than started one on me and I was kicked.
    The abuse of the votekick option is crazy, I have been getting kicked at least once a week or even once a day because of votekick abuse.
    Change it.

  • Tell me about it. In a server a few days ago there were about 10 votekicks for no reason. People just started votekicking random players, and some were passed. I think there should only be one votekick every 5 minutes or something.

  • I got vote kicked for votekicking.

  • People votekick the mvp, someone for not playing so well, and and for whimsy. I keep a low profile and either I play the same servers and people are starting to know me (thus not going to vote me out) or i keep a low profile and let someone who does decide to try and tk me go ahead and do that while I state “X person is tkig me. I’m going to start a vote” (I’m deaded). PROOF. Votekicked.

    I play on the same 5 or so servers and don’t really see much abuse.

  • I see this almost every day, and people often try to votekick me off as well.
    It’s really annoying but I haven’t found that most people just vote yes lately. Some do of course, but I a lot of people will easily recognize who the troll is and vote no and then vote the troll off.

    I guess people are just starting to get fed up with the annoying teenagers.

  • Ever since the steam sale this votekick abuse has really become a problem.

    Yesterday i played 2 games of TO and there were at least 11 votekicks (i only started counting halfway through the first one since the amount was so significant that i decided to count it), and nobody gave a single reason for the votekick.

  • I really enjoy vote kicking the King in Kill the king. That’s always a blast. 8-)

  • I was vote kicked twice today because I was winning FFA, both times in the last 30 seconds on two different servers a vote kick started to remove me. Ultimate display of sore losership in my opinion.

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