Going to need refund. Game does not work.

  • So after trying every single possible fix I’ve come across to get the server list functioning (We shouldn’t have to do this, we pay money for you to develop games and we shouldn’t have to change 3000 settings to get it to work)

    Anyway I’ve been patient as have many from the gaming community I’m part of and quite frankly we’re tired of waiting. For the past week i’ve followed every step as have many others to no avail.

    I will not be supporting a title that I can’t even play… Please link me in the right direction to get a refund.

  • Only Valve/Steam can give out refunds. Sorry that you are not happy with the product :(

  • As ReMixx said only Valve can hand out refunds, but it’s very unlikely that they will because of their policies. This is one of the stings and disadvantages to Steam purchases.

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