• So, I am a big fan of overhead attacks. They are the most powerful, after all…

    I don’t like this “look-straight-down-instant-overhead” crap. It’s one thing to turn into a stab, or whatever… But this affects the actual timing of a swing. If there is any way to fix this, I would love to see it implemented.

  • Overheads will still not cause any damage before the windup is over; all you’re changing is the point at which damage occurs during release. Stabs are currently the most varied, which can hit before any release time has elapsed (if the weapon is in the player the moment the damage dealing state occurs), or right at the end (when they are further away). Most overheads cause damage during the mid point of release (rarely will an overhead deal damage in the second half of release anyway) and all looking down does is shave approximately 0.1-0.2s off of the release to hit time. Look-down overheads are still perfectly blockable (Wolfy does it all the time for example, so all I do is prepare to block slightly earlier, as if he had a 1h weapon) and the fastest windup time for a 2h weapon is 0.5s, which is slower than almost every one-handed weapon in the game.

    P.S. It depends on the weapon whether overhead is the most powerful or not. A large portion of weapons do more damage with the stab ;)

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