Charging and few other things i want to mention

  • Hi. First of all I must say that i really appreciate your work, that game is smth i haven’t seen for a while and its so f*kin awesome i cant wait for it . These are just my thoughts which i hope will help you somehow…

    • Charging
      I suggest you to make it possible to push some1 with sprinting into him, and make it depend on player’s armor/momentum of collision. May be involve a few levels of impact, smth like:
    • falling (knight full speed sprinting charges into archer)
    • get pushed (running knight vs running vanguard, running knight vs standing knight etc.)
    • nothing (when stats/ momentum are the same)
      This shall add some feeling of weight.
      Oh that embarrassing moment when you in your full plate armor smash into an archer and he stands still like nothing happened…

    Blocking by hitting attacker’s weapon with your own would be awesome.

    One more is about balance
    I really worried about you telling about “skill to win” not mentioning other factors of gameplay like teamplay,enviroment(or its just me? if it is im sorry). My opinion is that every class should have its role, bunch of weaknesses which are difficult to cover by skill. For example for Man-at-arms with a short sword would be a great challenge to kill a knight (1vs1 i mean). Do not overbalance making them equal, they are not thats why they are different classes.

    I’ll edit thread more to avoid multi-threading.
    Would be nice to be able to hit over the friendly guy standing in front of you with a polearm? mb a one of kinds of the attack? Something like a guy with a halbert hiding behind a knight with a shield and hitting those who comes close enough…
    Not sure if it fits in gamestyle of CMW but simply should make people to do some teamwork

    Also i think for aghatian vanguard would be nice to have additional kind of helmet (if ofcourse you will make armor customizations ) : some kettle hat with chain mail hood or bevor . - kettle hat with chain mail coif
    - later version of kettle hat with bevor
    Kettle hat was really popular among the halberdiers because they were standing behind the shieldwall and the most hits they got were from above(also its pretty cheap so it was used among the poors, the ones who got money used to buy full helmets , so it is nice idea for unlocks :) just cosmetic ofcourse). Pretty fits for vanguard class.

  • Pushy pushy

    I don’t know about pushing/falling but I would assume the Devs are doing something about the strange collision detection between allied soldiers that made the AoC men jump around like they had a barrel of caffeine.

    Blocking by hitting attacker’s weapon with your own would be awesome.

    This is where the parry system comes in.


    Well spoken, this is the format that made TF2 so immensely popular( though I hesitate to bring that game into discussion)

  • Pushy pushy

    will also make some epic narrow passage battles not just 2 people standing there and holding off whole enemy team with distant spamming hits

  • YES! imagine the carnage, imagine the chaos, imagine the fun! :P

  • …and imagine how hard it is to code and balance ;)

    But there will certenaily be momentum - based features. Not to mention that every blows’ damage depends on it, or kicking. Also dodging, turning should be harder (of what devs said earlier) and one will NOT turn like crazy running around and stabbing, like AoC Man at Arms…cause turning system will make it impossible.

    And yes, I am totally for player to player dynamic physics. It would make game more immerse.
    Also walking backwards should be slower and strafing harder. But hey, we must remember it is only a game and it should be just fun! :)

    See you on the field of battle :)

  • Not to mention that every blows’ damage depends on momentum

    I’m pretty sure that I’ve read on the forums that devs won’t include momentum based damage

  • hmmm……I CALL YOU dev or Alphatester! PLEASE give us an answer :)

    WHAT…is your favourite colour? :)

  • If you watch carefully on the Trailer it shows the Dev (I assume) kick a men-at-arms into a spiked pole, so at the very least we can kick people down in hallways to hack them to pieces :D

  • that is just pushing like an action of the player, i was talking about collision detection
    when theres a real matter of mass , that will add to the battles more speed and chaos so lets say 5v5 not just dancing around but actually rush into eachother

  • The devs totally need to see this idea! Although I’m unsure if you can bump on the forums…

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