Flinch system bugged?

  • Dont know if there already is a thread about this, but Ill make one just incase. The flinch system seems to be really bugged atm. Ive had some problems when fighting knights recently, for instance; I start my windup and strike them, obviously before they started their windup, but still both mine and their attack lands.
    This makes fights into some sort of hit trades and when this happens its ridiculus to fight a knight with a vanguard for example.

    Hope you can fix this issue soon! :)

  • They are bugged for the time being, the bug / glitch carries the name “Idle flinch”. so far no one has somehow managed to reproduce the bug, but I think its when you spam a command, it makes you bypass the flinch. Happends awfully a lot when I play with daggers versus public knights on official servers, as they tend to spam their LMB.

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