• The past week I have noticed alot of hackers. I was playing with one earlier today here is all the info I can give you
    server ip is:
    time: 4:11 p.m eastern U.S time
    date: 12/13/12
    I also have video proof of this that shows the hacker using one of his hacks. If you guys would like to see it I could upload it to youtube and post the link.
    I dont know if you guys can check the server logs to see if some one was using scripts. Also I cannot provide you the name of the hacker because it was invisible. I understand you guys are a very small company, but the hacking situation is starting to become a bit too prevalent. It would be a real shame if your game was ruined by hacks :(

  • i think i was in the same game? :/ a lot of people left because of one person ruining the game.

  • hmm mabye it was. The hacking used to not be a big problem, now i see a hacker in every couple of games. I dont know if its the same guy, but hopefully they catch him!

  • If it was from like 8-10 hours ago with an inappropriate player name, we got him.

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