• Recently i was looking a server to play AoChiv, as i only play on friendly fire servers, i went to this one, and what was the surprise, everyone was on a TK rage, why is this happening to AoChiv? And other thing arenas are TKs maps every time i go on it players start TK in the respawn, so i guess they are useless maps or TK maps. I don’t enjoy playing AoChiv most of the times because of this. No wonder almost every time i go play there are few servers with people around, say like one maybe 2 full and the rest is empty… Anyway, there are a lote of kids playing the TK fun mod, or a lot of freaks with nothing to do. The solution is, get an effective solid TK punishment on this C:BfA, maybe client side or it will be a failure on this aspect like AoChiv. By the way i just left this full server because 90% of players were TKs, going to PVKII.

  • This has been discussed way too many times on the old forums…
    How about trying to report them, so that they could be denied access to the popular servers, wouldn’t that be good idea?

  • I suffer similar luck, and as a result restrict my play to the MM 24/7 Battlegrounds server, with FF off. I would love to play in a mature, tactically challenging FF environment, but it’s widespread abuse by a few statistically likely griefers has sullied my gaming experience so thoroughly and so often that I now willingly sacrifice FF to play in an environment I can help moderate, and devoid of TK.

  • Thats why I prefer clanwars :)

  • @TheRed:

    Thats why I prefer clanwars :)

    I’m so special and better than you all. AoChiv is not only CW…

  • Mod edit.

  • I wonder how you made that assumption. I never said that AoCh was all about CW’s, I merely said I preferred it.

  • Spiritus is special. We shall call him “brighteyes”.

    Play on a moderated server you won’t have tk ragefests.

  • @gB:

    Spiritus is special. We shall call him “brighteyes”.

    Play on a moderated server you won’t have tk ragefests.

    The problem is there are few moderated AoChiv servers (Do you think i don’t know that?!). Actually there are few servers with players actually.

    And i am not special, neither have bright eyes.

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