Ranged Weapon Damage Scale

  • What are the community’s thoughts on the damage scaling for ranged weaponry?

    Perhaps projectiles should lose damage over distances, and once enough space is crossed, an archer in close quarter combat would become a diminished threat.

  • I think it will depend on how effectively melee classes will be able to deal with ranged classes. In M&B:Warband an archer with a knocked arrow will get “bumped” if another player runs into them so that the melee character doesn’t have to worry about the archer shooting him up close for full damage. I don’t really know if that would fit into Chivalry though.
    What I do know is that it sucks to be fighting an archer in melee range who just shoots you in the head with an arrow and kills you.

  • I do think arrows, bolts (maybe even javlins) should be more powerful after crossing “close” range.
    Gaining damage with dictance crossed, though simple, may not be such a bad idea depending on the precision of long range weaponry at “very long” range (and also the movement speed, the unpredictability of players at given range, …). One of the problems with that is to be eble to prevent spam at the range of one-hit-kills, because that is surely very annoying.
    With such a system, I think the problem of “short range arrow to the face” is lessened, as the damage would be too poor to consider it a real problem.
    Again, this is just an idea, and I’m sure the developpers will manage to give the game a proper ranged system in order to not make killed players rage, nor make the archer class unfun/unefficient to play as.

  • As a Living History Re-Enactor, I have speant MANY hours training with a Warbow.
    I must say, the distance is quite irrevelant when using Bodkin arrows, but there is less when inially loosing the arrow (proper terminoligy is loosing, not firing or shooting)
    The kinetic energy increases after the archer’s paradox has completed its ‘tour’ so to speak.
    For those who dont understand, on medieval longbows, the arrow, when initially loosed, will actually curve, or bend out to the left, or right depending on which side you nock the arrow.
    As this occures, a right handed archer will have to aim more to the RIGHT to hit a closer target, and to the Left for a left handed archer.
    Aiming becomes obsolete, its instinctual in fact.
    So, from first hand experience, the damage should be slightly ‘less’ at closer ranges, but still lethal in any aspect as NO armor to date can withstand a bodkin arrow loosed from a warbow.
    Draw weight of a longbow was in the 80-120lb range at 28 in draw length, the draw weight increases exponentially with increased draw length, so a bow rated at 80# at 28 in would be somewhere around 95 or more at 36in.
    so quick fires should do less damage versus a fully drawn shot, and less at closer range as the arrow would snap upon hitting the target (arrows bend like crazy when first loosed)

    Sorry if its windbagged

  • that was damned informative

  • To continue with Lancebringer’s post, my bow has a 60# draw, which is certainly enough to bring down something like a deer. I can tell you that it takes about 15 yards for my arrows to really straighten out, and sometimes they’ll hit the 20 yard target at a funny angle.

    As far as flight times, my 60# draw takes about a third of a second to hit a 40 yard target.

  • Ive never timed nor cared to, but my 80# @28" turnes arrows into bullets. I hit a tree once… never got the arrow head out :(

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