Nvidia 3D Vision

  • Just played a few games in Chivalry with Nvidia 3D Vision.

    I’m running a GTX 560ti on an i5 2500k with a Benq XL2420T 120hz monitor

    As with most Unreal Engine games, everything looks great from the start. The effect is isn’t as obvious as with other games and I had to turn the depth all the way to the max and tweak the convergence a bit to really get it to pop. If you leave it at the default 50% you have a nice subtle effect, otherwise go for the full 100% to really feel like you’re knee deep in bloody mud with steel clashing all around you.

    On small duel servers the framerate stayed at the capped 60fps with all the video settings (save for vsync and motion blur) set to the max. On 32 man servers, especially on larger maps, the framerate dropped to 28-30fps. In large areas such as hillside I found I had to take all the video settings to the lowest values to achieve 40-55 fps. In smaller areas such as the throne room a steady 60fps was achieved on all settings.
    I’ll add that the decrease in graphics quality on low settings is negligible when viewing it through 3D.

    My experience when playing at 60fps was a amazing. It was very easy to judge the distance between the tip of my sword and an enemy’s neck. Likewise, it was extremely easy, almost like cheating, to judge when an enemy’s strike needed to be blocked and when it was inches away from touching me. Stabbing with the spear, in particular, was a huge improvement.

    Playing as an archer was also much easier. Being able to actually see the distance between me and my targets really did help to compensate for projectile drop and arrow speed.

    The only problem I encountered was with water. Water has an unsightly ghosting to it that can’t be fixed. Luckily it’s easily avoidable, except for battlegrounds where the moat is much too distracting and ended up giving me a bad headache.
    Other problems are the objective markers (can be turned off) the chatbox which is hard to read and the menu interface which is impossible to see without closing one eye or toggling 2d mode. These are small nuisances though.

    I really enjoyed it. It’s one of the better games I’ve played in 3D so far. If had a more capable PC (ie GTX 680) I would definitely add this to my list of “always on” 3D games. But for the moment the FPS drop is too much for me, though then again I am very picky when it comes to fps being below 50.

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