Video, and video

  • Okay so i made a simple test video complication, sorry about the cartoon style, but it’s a test. …

    This is a link to my Chivalry Medieval warfare video on you tube.

    Now that I found out how to render a video correctly after this hiccup, I’m working on making a story driven movie. if you will…

    I have made a decent script can last a few episodes, and even include drama within the wars of chivalry.

    However in the future, I May need volunteers to fight a HUGE WAR. that’s been planned.

    Two sides charging towards each other, I’ll do the rest.

    So keep UPDATED for that volunteering spot ;) credits due.

    If you see me around i’m =RAV= Sparky

  • Nice, i might be interested for the video thing if you need me :)

  • Sounds like fun! My Steam name is on my sig if you want to contact me. I wouldn’t mind helping out when i can.

  • Sounds like a laugh! Maybe we can box for box once I get something going? Thinking of doing a few helpful Chivalry videos for the Yube of Tubes.

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